Donation Kinderlachen e.V.

This year, we are once again supporting an aid project that focuses on the well-being of children. The association Kinderlachen e.V. has been campaigning for the needs and concerns of sick and needy children for more than 20 years. Kinderlachen is mainly active in Germany and has been able to realize countless campaigns for children between the ages of 0 and 17. The association acts true to the motto “support with what is most urgently needed”, and in this sense only hands over donations in kind to children, families and institutions. Our CAO Severin Marquard handed over the donation check to Marc Peine (Managing Director Kinderlachen e.V.) on 14.12.2023 in Dortmund.

Christmas party

„Welcome on board“, was the motto for Marquard Engineering employees on 02.12.22. At this year’s Christmas party, nothing was left to be desired. Both the great ambience on board the „Grace Kelly“, as well as delicious food and drinks, made for a great atmosphere on our cruise. A highlight were also the casino tables, where everyone could try their luck. It was said many times „rien ne va plus“ until we had determined a winner of the evening, who received a voucher as a prize.

We support “no child in poverty”

„No child in poverty“ is the motto of a current project of Diakonie Dinslaken. And Marquard Engineering GmbH & Co. KG is very happy to subscribe to this motto. For this reason, we have decided this year to support this meaningful and important project. „Every year we select a local aid project to support the weaker members of our society. This year, we chose Diakonie Dinslaken with its project „No child in poverty“ because this initiative takes care of financially disadvantaged children and their families and is actively committed to improving the living conditions of those affected,“ explains Michel Marquard, Chief Administrative Officer of Marquard Engineering. He handed over the donation check together with Severin Marquard (also CAO) on 07.12.22.

GuD – KW Wolfsburg

The team of Marquard Engineering supports the project of Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH by using an IB technician documentation.
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GuD KW Wolfsburg

We support the project of Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH by deploying a quality manager and a specialist construction manager for piping technology from our team.
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