Personnel Services

Human Resources  Services

You need support in Power Plant technology? We have the right People for your Project!

Whether it’s an Electrical Engineer or Electrical Technician, Power Plant Operator, Power Plant Engineer or Supervisor, Boiler Operators, Safety Technicians and Engineers, Site Managers, Mechanical Engineers and Technicians or Welding Specialist Engineer, we will gladly provide Specialists to support you!

The task force: our team

One must always be ready to adapt to new challenges. Name your location and we are there for you. Worldwide – flexible and innovative work on site. Commissioning is our aim.

Our company stands for:

Flexibility – innovation – reliability


  • for international projects
  • adapted to your needs
  • we respond to difficult challenges at working location


  • our engineers carry out the project planning for you
  • we conform with your assignment
  • we deal with changes in requirements for our customers at short notice


  • our specialists do their job for you on site
  • we supervise work processes
  • we ensure your projects keep to schedule