The Company

Day in and day out Marquard Engineering GmbH & Co. KG takes into account the needs of the market. Our customers appreciate this. The rationale behind our action is plausible. After all, the needs of our customers are our motivation. Standing still means taking a step backwards.

For us there are no compromises.

Compromises are made where diplomatic decisions are concerned, but not when it is a matter of the success of our customers. In the fields of engineering, construction, site management, commissioning and programming we are a reliable partner. The world is changing daily, but so are the requirements for success. We know this and so do our employees, as our team is not only growing in numbers but in qualitative terms too.

Above all else, Marquard Engineering GmbH & Co. KG customers, whether they have only recently been associated with us or for many years, value our flexibility in all areas, i.e. in particular the project planning, planning, designing, site management and commissioning of industrial and power station plants.

We operate globally. Globalisation is a challenge to which we have successfully risen. We do a good job in all segments.

In project management we take control of everything from A to Z. In this way coordination stays under one roof from start to finish.

Even given internationalisation and efficient division of work, contact remains individual and unbureaucratic. Efficiency and partnership characterise the joint path we take with our customers and partners.

Through innovative ideas and the latest technologies we want our customer to succeed.

This means:

Willingness to assure optimum quality and reliability through a constant process of improvement. This has to happen within the context of a competitive costs structure.

We have been offering our customers a comprehensive service since 1987.