Health And Safety Coordination

Health & safety measures

are aimed at guaranteeing safety whilst taking into consideration the  respective technologies. 


Duties of the coordinator during planning

Here the focus is always on people, for this reason questions concerning health & safety coordination always address questions from the individual sectors of health & safety at work. As guaranteeing safety is an all-encompassing task, the following form part of health & safety coordination:


  • The incorporation of health & safety into the organisational and management plan.
  • The development of measures to protect against risk when several companies must work together.
  • The drawing up of measures for the common use of safety facilities as well as facilities for protecting health.
  • The inclusion of health & safety measures in a draft plan for subsequent work on the plant.


Tasks of the coordinator during the execution of the works.

Organisation and coordination of the companies who co-operate in construction work with regard to health and safety.

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