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News from the TGA department (technical building equipment)
We introduce: Raymond Janssen


What is your function in the company and what tasks do you perform?

“I am employed by Marquard Engineering as a specialist planner TGA. This means that I am responsible for the planning of the building services for a project and at the same time I coordinate and control the execution, acting as a liaison between the client, the architect and the construction companies.

Is there a focus, a specialization in your field of work?

“My area of specialization is the field of H/K/L/S. I supervise a wide variety of projects and take over the planning and coordination for my area of expertise. Of course, I also support my colleagues in their projects if necessary, because planning is a team sport, and that suits me personally very well!

What special knowledge and experience do you bring to your job?

“I now have 23 years of professional experience in my field. Six years ago I changed sides, away from technical implementation to planning. For me, it is definitely a great advantage that I know the work processes on both sides and know from my own experience how the technicians work on construction sites and what challenges they often face. This enables me to build up my planning very practically and realistically,” explains the TGA expert.

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Are there any projects that are especially close to your heart?

“One of my favorite projects was the planning for an apartment building. The special thing about this project was that the client wanted to use a CHP, i.e. a combined heat and power unit, in addition to the usual technical equipment. The advantage of this is that a CHP unit can generate both heat and electricity. So one can lower lastingly energy costs and and reduce the production of CO2”.

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Are there any developments in the technical area that have changed or improved the work in planning?

“Yes, in any case. We have been using BIM software for some time now and can plan the TGA in 3D, among other things. This is already an innovative way of working in Germany, which allows us to stand out from the majority of planning offices. The clear advantage of this is that by creating 3D plans and exchanging the BIM plans, we can see at an early stage what the technology in the building will look like and can therefore avoid conflicts in advance regarding the space requirements among the various trades”.

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What is positive about working at Marquard Engineering?

“We have a great team here and we maintain a friendly and appreciative relationship with each other. We work with innovative tools, have good technical equipment and the possibility to work from home office”.



Name: Raymond Janssen

Position : Fachplaner TGA

Tel.: +49 (0) 2064 4133 – 26